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Britannica has acknowledged the project Agrikhalsa for providing best content in Agriculture, especially for students.

Accorded by APNIC Inc. for achievement in Category Agriculture-Education. Accolades for providing best Edu links, databases, regular update & online notes/assignments at Agrikhalsa Portal.

In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web, the project on Agrikhalsa is the recipient of the Golden Web Award (2001 - 2002, 2002-2003, 2003-04 & 2004-05)

This award has been accorded for the best content, site layout and impressive image gallery in the Category: India- Sciences-
Awarded for Personal Site of Web Admin

Awarded for graphics and design layout of PSI-Net

Awarded to Rotarct Khalsa Website

Awarded to the website Cyberbrainz for excellent concept development by an Amateur Pro team

Awarded Digital Eye by Healthy Eye Foundation for developing quality content for

Recognition for having developed an informative City Portal

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