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At Cyberbrainz PSINet we offer you complete web-hosting solutions with dedicated customer support. Please browse down the page for details of our solutions.

  • Domain Name Registration
    Your domain name is an important part of your identity. To get a domain name that suits your identity we can help you with domain name research. We can also register your domain name for you.
    Contact us for registering your own domain name.
  • Web Hosting
    We offer a complete suite of web hosting solutions tailor-made to match your needs. Our partnership with one of the leading hosting solution providers in the world helps us to provide you with reliable, easy and cost effective hosting solutions. You can choose from dedicated or shared hosting depending, Unix or Windows server platforms and local or international hosting. We can help your website support scripts like ASP, PHP, Perl/CGI, etc., to make it more interactive with its users. Database support using MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, etc., is available in our hosting plans, to help store data obtained from visitors. Secure servers are available for enabling e-commerce and credit card payments.
  • Contact us for your web hosting requirements. For more details about our hosting services, please continue to read below.
    • Domain & Web Hosting
      • Get your own domain name registered like your company name.
      • Get your other domain names to point to the same website for free.
    • High Performance and Speed
      • A robust network in the data center built on Cisco routers ensures data availability at all times (with an uptime of 99.5%).
      • Internet and network connectivity at the data center provided by some of the leading networking companies from the world pro
      • Unlimited bandwidth ensures that your website can handle high visitor load.
      • Special high-availability web servers to ensure website accessibility.
      • Load-balancing facility for multiple servers ensures that web traffic is uniformly divided among the web servers. Users will now never have to wait endlessly for accessing your website.
    • Services
      • E-mail service
      • Unlimited e-mail accounts
      • Unlimited e-mail aliases
        (use aliases to forward e-mails to another e-mail account)
      • Web access to e-mail account/s.
      • Mailing lists
      • FTP access to your website's files.
      • Web traffic statistics reporting.
      • Supports scripts like ASP, PHP, Perl/CGI, JSP, Java Servlets, etc.
      • Database support for MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
      • Secure website using SSL technology.
    • Scalability
      • We can seamlessly integrate more resources like storage space or web servers so that your website can handle more and more web traffic.
    • Security and Reliability
      • Firewalls prevent unauthorized access to your files.
      • Special facilities at the data center ensure data security and integrity.
      • Precision environment at the data center ensures that the web server is meticulously tidy.

If you have specific hosting options in mind and you didn't find them here,
then do let us know.


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