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                Our workforce is our most important asset. Going by the philosophy of 'believe in the best', we strongly believe in making the work environment a delight for the team members. As a result, we have highly motivated, trained professionals who are enthusiastically putting in their heart and souls, contributing in their own ways towards the organization's objectives.

Our team is a complete and strategic mix of professionals from Technology, Marketing and Business Management domains. Our people are some of the most talented, spirited people when it comes to innovating or giving you the right solution.
Our software engineers provide superior results on a wide variety of platforms and programming environments. Our engineers create sophisticated databases and other Internet solutions that make up the core of your online business. Our project management team's sole responsibility is to ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget. Your project manager provides regular progress updates and is a convenient, single point of contact to answer questions and supply information.

Our team consist of a bunch of zealous, enthusiastic & enterprising professionals. They specialize in HTML, DHTML, XML, Cold Fusion, ASP, Java Scripting, CGI-scripting, Pearl, Applets, Flash, GIF Animations, 3D modeling, Audio/Video Streaming, Database management (Oracle & Access, MYSQL), at the same time also in various other animation, scripting, & streaming techniques. The professional designers here enable us to provide all types of static and animated custom graphics include logos, icons, buttons, banners, backgrounds, image maps, clickable Java banners, shockwave flash animations and more, to enhance the appearance of your site. The team members have vast experience of working over Windows 2000/XP/2003, Linux, and NT Server Programming platforms. Our dedicated establishment is based upon:

  • A.D Singh (Chief Operations Officer, Corporate Head, Team Leader Concept Development, Planning & System Analysis, Strategy Development & Marketing).

  • Prem Singh (Chief Graphics Architect, Team Leader Imaging & Visual Effects, 3D Design & Animations).

  • Navneet Bal (Chief Information Officer, Team Leader Content Development, Project Implementation, Backup & Support).

  • Brijpal Singh (Head- PSi Technomax, Web Director, Team Leader Sales & Support).

  • Manreet Randhawa (Team Leader Web Composition, Image Editing & 3-D Graphics).


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