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At Cyberbrainz PSI-NEt we have developed a complete "Real-Time" Server Setup Module to help our Partners or users do Instant Hosting Setup on its Windows 2000 / NT severs. All required server setups to make a domain fully functional on the NT servers are done in real-time in less than 2 minutes.  Instant Sub Domain as to upload web files Virtual Server Setup on Windows 2000, IIS 5.0 Server Setup with I-mail Sever 6.0 FTP server Setup on WS FTP Server DNS Sever Entries Server Side Includes CGI-Bin for complete CGI / Perl 5.6 script access PHP 4.0 for PHP scripting Live-Stat's Server Setup Front Page 2000 Extensions Support "Database" folder with special read/write permissions ASP Smart Upload Component Configurations And other required sever configurations for ASP, ASP mail etc supports No needs to wait for days or hours to get you sever setup done. Cyberbrainz PSI-NEt "Real-Time" Server Setup Module helps you to do your work 24 hours a day without any delay, Once the setup is performed online one can start using the FTP Services, Instant Sub Domain and all other related web-services.

Client Control Panel :

Client's get control panels to enable them view information and perform tasks like

  • Account Info

    • Domain Name

    • Hosting Plan

    • Web Space

    • Email Space

    • Global Email Box Size

    • Total Email Users

    • Web Server Address

    • E-Mail Administration

    • Stat Server Address

    • DNS Server 

  • Address Server Actions

    • Send Setup Info

    • Create DNS

    • Change FTP Pass

    • Reset Admin Email Pass

    • Add Default Doc

    • Install Examples and Web Server File 

  • Report Technical Actions

    • Place Technical Request 

    • Place MX Record Change 

    • Request Additional Services

    • Request Additional Web/Email Space

    • Request SQL Server 2000

    • Request Extra DNS

    • Request Customized E-mail Interface

    • Request Domain Pointing

  • Details and update

Cyberbrainz PSI-NEt does not interact or contact clients of our partners and neither responds to any of Partners' Client direct enquiry, thus honoring the Partner's relationship.

Online Domain Registration System-do it in real time, yourself...

Cyberbrainz PSI-NEt have developed a complete "Real-Time" Domain Registration Systems. Using this systems Partners can Search and Register Domains in real time. Partners will be allotted a Domain Registration Quota, which they can use at their ease any time 24 hours a day register domains in real time. Domains are sold in blocks of 5 and above. No need to buy hundreds of domains to get Real Time Domain Registration facility or wait for days to get your domain registered. We empower our users with the cutting edge online tool for Domain Search, Domain registration and Domain tacking.

Online Domain Management System-take complete control...

Cyberbrainz PSI-NEt complete independent Online Domain Management Module helps all domains registered through our system is managed in "Real-Time". By using our Online Domain Management Module one can have complete control over their domain in terms of changing or maintaining DNS Sever Information, Registrant, Admin, Billing and Technical Contact information, Change of Ownership, Change of Domain Managing profile passwords and even creation of Sub Uses with limited or full permissions to change domain information in "Real-Time". 

Cyberbrainz PSI-NEt tend not to have any interference in domain management once its sold, making it 100% managed by the domain owner or admin. Cyberbrainz PSI-NEt complete independent Online Domain Management Module helps Domain Registrant to change the required information any time they like. This service is honored even if one is not hosting with Cyberbrainz PSI-NEt.



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